If you feel the burning desire to help support this small blog of mine, please take a look at the options below. You can still enjoy everything on this blog for free, so please don't feel obligated to donate.

How are donations used?

That's a good question. Almost all money donated goes towards hosting, domain renewal costs and open source services I use myself. Anything "extra" ends up getting me a coffee (or beer) to enjoy while I publish more free (and hopefully useful) content.

Standard Donations

Crypto Donations?

Besides producing massive e-waste, consuming an enormous amount of energy, being largely used in association with fraudulent activities, and taking advantage of those under economic difficulties, crypto overall is something I am strongly opposed to.

If crypto is the only payment option at your disposal and you still wish to make a donation; don't. Instead, make that donation to a local non-profit organization. "Cash it in" and use that money in your own community. Donate your time to others.

Or simply shoot me an email, talk a little about yourself and say hello. A friendly conversation is worth a lot more than any crypto.

Thanks for understanding.